Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a Good And Bad Day

We will start with the bad. So, today I decided to try and learn Photoshop Elements. It is not going well. I have spent a good part of my day crying and yelling at my computer, and still have nothing to show for it. I keep thinking that Photoshop is playing an April Fool's Day joke on me, but probably not. I had to just stop because when I get frustrated I become a mean mom and my kids don't like it when I am that way, nor do I. I would like to thank my big sis for trying to talk me through it. Sorry I am hopeless.
While I was neglecting my kids today, Isaac gave little Noah the rest of his apple. Apparently 1-year-olds should not eat apples. I looked at the apple and there was blood all over it. I guess when he bit the apple it caused his gums to bleed. Poor little guy. It did not seem to phase him, he was just mad that I took the apple away.
So now for the good news. I am 1/4 of the way through my Body for Life challenge and I have lost 5 pounds. My goal was to lose 8 pounds in the 12 weeks. Looks like I may have to adjust my goal.
I found out today that I will be able to go to Pennsylvania at the end of the month. Kevin has to go for work. I was ticked that he was going to get to go to my home town without me. But thanks to my mother-in-law who has agreed to watch Tanner and Isaac for 5 days, Noah and I will be going with Kevin. It will be fun to get to see my family. So Yeah for me.


Andrea said...

Can't wait for April! I'll call you tomorrow to help you out some more. Sorry it got really busy. I couldn't pick up the phone. Google "text tutorial Elements" and you may find some help!

Jen Freeman said...

Sorry about the computer thing. When it comes to computers for me, I am so lost, luckly Rick can help me in that area. That sounds so fun for you to go see your family, I bet you are way excited!!!

Zoe said...

How awesome!!! That you have lost weight AND that you get to go to Pennsylvania! WOooo hooo!!

. . . you must fill me in later on how you managed to swing that one with Kay?! LOL!

Zoe said...

PS . . . maybe I could teach you some Photoshop stuff when we get together . . .if it will help?

Galo Fab 5 said...

Hello... you know you can call me with any questions!! Good luck.