Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Half Way Through

Well today is the official half-way point of my Body for Life challenge. It has been a tough few weeks since I last updated on it. I am at a weight that I was for almost 5 years so it is a tough point to get below. Also, when I stop losing weight it is not as motivating to diet. Yes, Audrey is discouraged, but at the same time I am recomitting myself to try harder and finish out the challenge. I have a tough few weeks coming up since I leave for Pennsylvania in 2 days and then we go to Disneyland in May. It is always harder to diet when I am not at home, but I will try my best. Wish me luck.


Kelli said...

Good Luck.
Good Luck.
Good Luck.
Have fun on your upcoming vacations.

J.J. said...

I think thats great that you want to keep going, you have a lot of motivation. Oh and you are going to Disneyland, how fun for your family.