Thursday, April 3, 2008


As I mentioned in a previous entry, I took my kids to get their pictures taken at JC Penney's on Saturday. These are some of the pictures that we ordered:

Unfortunatly, Noah was having a bad hair day. He had a big chunk of hair in the back that would just not go down. We tried to find pictures where that did not show as well.
P.S. We do like Isaac just as much as the other boys, we just take each kid for pictures around their birthdays, his b-day is in November (so stay tuned for that).


Andrea said...

Isaac, we still love you! Cute pictures!

Jen Freeman said...

Your boys are so cute, love the pictures, and they all are dress way cute. I'm sure your glad that is done!

Sara said...

Chiapelli! - Although I guess you probably go by your first name now...:)

I went blog-hopping and found your blog. Your kids are so cute - good to see what you're up to these days. I love blogs; I have felt so remote from the Temple Square days, it's a great way to reconnect. I hope it's okay if I check in once in a while.

Sara (aka cankiel from Denmark :)

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