Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're Back

Well we made it back from Pennsylvania. Overall it was a good trip. We got into Philly an hour and a half late thanks to a delay in Cincinnati. So by the time we made it to Allentown it was 12:30 pm eastern time. That was Friday.

Saturday, I had some appointments early to look at homes, so no sleeping in. We did the house looking thing, then went to lunch with my sissy Alison and her kids. Noah has not eaten anything at this point. Yeah he is sick, always fun on a trip. Next we met up with my mom and other sister Andrea to go shopping at the outlets (The Childrens Place had some great deals, and there was this fun store called The Gourmet Chef, and there I scored myself some mini-single serving sized springform pans, can't wait to try those out). While we were there I showed mom this infection thing Noah has on his finger. She was concerned, so that night I got to take Noah to InstaCare. Apparently he had some sort of Staph infection and they sent us on our way with a perscription (which because it was a Saturday night was impossible to fill till the next day). Thanks to the perscription Noah starts to feel better. Yeah.

These cute little cousins will all go to kindergarden the same year, they are all within a few months of each other.

Sunday morn I wake up and I feel like crap (sore throat, head and body aches). How fun for me. I decided there is no way I am going to sit in a hotel room all day so I make the hour drive to my parent and attend church with them and some of my siblings. After church we had dinner with many of my siblings (we missed you Jeff and Alison). All day I keep getting fevers and popping as much ibpropren as possible. Thanks to my big sister Andrea who tried her best to help me (even though she was there with her 4 kids while her husband was in Japan). We came home from church and I started crying. "Audrey, why are you crying?" "That is what I do when I'm sick." So sorry, to those of you who had to deal with sick Audrey, she's not so much fun. It was fun to see the fam though. I do not get to do that as often as I would like.

Brad, Audrey, Joel, Andrea, Kyle
Some of the siblings

Next day more house hunting with my mom and sister-in-law Carrie. We met my sister Alison and had lunch at the Cracker Barrell and then went for a shopping trip to Kohls. That night, I met up with Kevin for dinner with his co-workers. This is Monday, I am still not feeling well but as long as I take the ibpropren I'm okay.

Next day Tuesday, I drove around trying to find the perfect neighborhood for me and then met up with Kevin and some of the co-workers to go to lunch and go-karting. There is a reason I do not do things like this very often. I am not a great driver, as a result I crashed and awarded myself with a big old 5 inch long scratch, welt thing on my neck. It was a good fun way to end the trip (seriously). Then on the airport for uneventful trip home.

Noah getting ready to drive the go-cart. Not really, you had to be at least 10.

Kevin before the race started.

This is me, yes I was driving slow enough that you could take an action shot.

Today I have been sitting on the couch wondering if I should go see a doctor about this sore throat thing. Typically when I do that, it is only viral and they send me home with nothing, but how long do a wait???

I bought the boys these cute matching shirts from The Children's Place.


Kelli said...

glad you're back. Sorry you're sick. Eat something high in protein, I'm sure it will help.
No kicking boxing tomorrow, so just sleep in and hang out and keep taking ibuprofen.
So did you find a great house in a great neighborhood, I hope not.

Andrea said...

I guess I don't cry when I'm sick--I hibernate, so I was just wondering what was up. The boys look really cute in their new shirts. I just went to Kohls last night--no tax free, though, but I got some cute clothes!

J.J. said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, but sorry you were sick, I'm sure your trip would have been a lot better if you were not sick. My sister and her kids flew out to visit and she got strep throat, they gave her a shot so she could get over it fast, it was awful.

kendall said...

So I' really slow and/or out-of-it. When are you guys hoping to move to PA?

Zoe said...

Hi- glad to see that you had a good trip. Did you find any houses? :) I am sorry that you are sick. I hope that you didn't get it from us. It is running through our house and it has taken me about a week to get over it. But the sore throat- uggghh. It felt like raw meat! Sorry to be graphic.

Sterling just caught it too . . .he might not be coming tomorrow to help Kevin, but who knows, he is more of a trooper then I am. Well, can't wait to try a mini cheesecake . . . :)

Princess Gerty said...

What a fun trip (except for the sick part)! It's cool to see pics of your siblings--everyone looks the same as I remember!